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Plan & Fee

 If using the train

  We provide shuttle service to Iiyama Station .


 Please let us know when making your reservation.

   ★​Free WiFi      ★Non-smoking rooms     ★Free parking   


(One night with breakfast  + tax included)​


★Twin beds room    

・Adult:13,000 yen~15,000yen/per person

・Age12 and under

          :  8,000yen~10,000yen/per person​​

★Single bed room: 15,000yen~17,000yen


★Room Equipment
 Bath towel, Yukata, Toothbrush

★Dinner can also be prepared.
Please let us know by 10am on the day you would like dinner.
@ 4,000 yen

★Snow season (December~March)

    We are always available to take you

    to and from the Madarao slopes by

    private bus.




★Section 1-5

   (One night with two meals + lunchbox+    transportation service for all sections +    tax included)

★Travel plan for 2 or 3  people

​​・One room for 2 to 3 people: @15,000 yen

・If you would like a single room, there will  be an additional charge of 2,000 yen.    

★Single travel plan: 20,000 yen 

★The weather in the mountains changes, so please go out with sufficient equipment.

★ Please contact us for plans that include transportation for sections 6 to 7 .


           lunch box

snow monkey.jpeg

Please enjoy Japanese culture and scenery.

We will make arrangements according to your plans.

Prices vary depending on plan.


Experience (May to October)

・Make Japanese paper

・Shaking of sutras




​・E-Bike rental​

Sightseeing course

・Flower tour


​・Wild Monkey Park ( Snow monkey)


・Temple & Shrine


           ringo gari

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